How to buy premium with bitcoin

One of the major difficulties people using an email or Gmail encounters is the file they are about to upload or transfer to another person has file limitation. That is, you can only send or upload files in kilobytes and not in a megabyte, terabytes or gigabytes.

However, there is a system that is here to help you solve this problem. With premium, you would be able to transfer and upload any type of file either large or big on it. This article has been written to give you a better understanding of what a is its product details and how to buy one with bitcoin.

What is the premium? is an online cloud file host where you can transfer large files and share it with your loved ones. In other words, it is a file hosting provider where you can upload, backup, save, and transfer all your files with anyone or with the whole web.

Apart from the fact that you would be able to share large files with this host, you can also share, save, and upload pictures, audio, video, and others with it.

With this program, you would be able to upload files and other documents in a secured place and with easy access. Likewise, this cloud hosting provides you with max. download speed with unlimited parallel download slots without download delay and without any captcha.

Product Details

Many users have commended this cloud file host for its flawlessly works and function. This program is known to be one of the easiest and safest file sharing, uploading, and storing provider. Unlike other programs, this host is versatile and works with any apps and services.

With it, you would be able to edit and view any files, pictures, or videos on it easily. is an ideal one for a business owner, national, and Multinational Corporations as it allows you to retrieve lost data without any difficulties.

How to buy with bitcoin

As it is easy to upload, store, and access files on, so also it is easy to purchase it. With any payment method, you would waste no time or energy getting this program on your system

If you are buying this cloud file hosting with a bitcoin, the first step is for you to visit a website where you can make the purchase, after that, you add the program to your shopping cart. Then, you select a payment option you want to buy it with. Since you are using a bitcoin, you would go for bitcoin.

However, you must be sure that you have some bitcoin in your wallet before you go for it. After that, you enter the coupon code you have gotten form the payment method you selected. You then proceed to checkout by entering your email address.

Immediately after making the payment, you would receive your product. It is important to know that the premium would only last for 30 days. After that, you can make another payment using this procedure.

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  • I would like to know how I would be able to stop the automatic renewal of subscription?
    I started the subscription one month ago by buying 1 month subscription
    Now I don’t want to continue the subscription any more until this period ends (January 8th 2020)
    So, where could I do to discontinue the subscription and stop the deduction of fees from my bank account?

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